3rd Birthday Pictures

The Party

Here are a selection of photos taken during my thirdbirthday party. For more details about the day, visit my Events page.

Opening The Presents!Hmmm, a washing machine - how do I use that?More presents...Playing Pass The ParcelMy turn!I wonder what it is?A Giraffe!Look at all that sugar!!!This party is terrific!Body Painting with Anne..Who is a very patient model!The Clown CupcakesLivvy goes in for some face paintingPlaying on the slideThe trend catches on!Jess tucks in!Hey Joelie, can you juggle?Of course he can!!!Don't try this at home kids!Joelie does a little dance...The Jumping CastleLivvy looks a little different, though I'm not sure what it is!

The Actual Birthday Day
Playing with Thomas The Tank EngineMeeting The Fat ControllerNow how can I make this thing make some noise???Dad teaches me some guitar movesAll together now... We all live in a yellow submarine...