My 3rd Birthday

The Clown Party!

When asked this year what kind of birthday party I wanted, I answered "a Clown party". And so, a clown party it was! I had the most marvelous time - who wouldn't when you can get covered in face paint (on brand new clothes, of course), have one of your favourite friends dress up as a clown and get to eat hideously sweet birthday cake all in one morning!!!

The birthday boy!
Joelie The Clown
This year we had a fabulous LadyBird Jumping Castle, which provided lots of bouncy fun and scattered some toys all around the yard. We made an attempt to play Pass The Parcel (or, as it should perhaps be renamed, Keep The Parcel), which was lots of fun.

I had a very special friend, Weird Uncle Joelie, dress up as a clown and he was just fabulous. Apart from looking the part (right down to his bright red clogs), he kept us all entertained with balloon animals and juggling all morning.

I'm still not sure about this whole en mass Happy Birthday singing though, and got a little skittish when everyone joined in to sing to me. I did manage to blow out the candle on my clown cake though and unwrapped pressoirs while the cake was cut up. The present opening was going quite well for the first few gifts, but then I started suffering present fatigue and had to be coerced into opening the rest with the promise of cake at the end!

The Cake!!!
Pass The Parcel
Despite at time exhibiting appearances to the contrary, I did confess afterwards to having a great time at the party. A big thank you to everyone for their fabulous pressies and for sharing my 3rd party with me.

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