My Solids Journey

Food, Glorious Food!

10th August 2004

Dad looking gumby.
Toast on my half birthday - 23rd July 2004.
I first started to chow down on June 24th with some tasty rice cereal. I now have quite a varied diet including potato, pumpkin, carrots, apple, pear, banana, banana custard and toast. I LOVE TOAST!

I do not, however, like broccoli. Broccoli and I did not form a particularly nice relationship - in fact, I disliked it enough to break out in hives. But, let's face it, if you are going to have an allergy to a food far better it be to broccoli than to chocolate!!!

At first I had great difficulty getting the hang of this toast thing, but now I've really got it down pat. I literally bite off more than I can chew, and sometimes end up swallowing the same bite more than once or twice, but eventually I devour my way through an entire piece of bread each morning.

This is my last soldier!What do you mean - there's no more bread!But the 7-11's open!
My first dining out experience!

26th August 2004

I went on holidays recently and had my very first dining out experience. The highchair was a little on the big side, so in the end I sat on Mum's lap to eat my toast. All in all though, it was quite a successful event. Upon our return home, we ventured into the world of meat!!! Chicken has now been added to my diet - mmmmm, chicken....

Mess - I don't know what she's talking about!
10th October 2004

I have started chowing down on sandwiches - of the banana variety. At first I started with avocado but Mum seemed to think it was a bit messy. I think that's because she didn't put a lid on the first sandwich, but she's cottoned on to the idea now! Honestly, I have to work with such amateurs!

Baa Baa Black Sheep!

12th January 2005

Eat more meat!!!! I had a lamb chop for the first time today, and loved it! It was brilliant - food and a musical instrument combined in one and it fits in my chubby little hand just pefectly!