The Snowies & Sydney - June 2009

Our First Driving Holiday!

We set out on our first ever family driving holiday at 4:00a.m. on Thursday, 18th June 2009. We got off to a fabulous start when Sam, Dada & I were all fast asleep again by 4:45a.m. (just as the plan had scheduled!!!). Mama & Dada took turns driving during the whole holiday while Sam & I took turns choosing the music and the audio stories. Sam & I defied Mama & Dada's expectation of constant "are we there yet" questions and, in fact, that question was only asked once in the entire fortnight!!!

During the trip I made a scrapbook of my holiday, featuring a story each day about what happened and my top 3 favourite things about that day. The stories were dictated by me to Mama each night (because althought I'm writing quite well now, I can't write as fast as Mama) while I wrote the Top 3 and also decorated the scrapbook with memorabilia and drawings. So, rather than tell you about my holiday from my parents' perspective, (for that version feel free to visit Sam's website), we have instead reproduced my scrapbook stories for you here. My version will give you all the details of our holiday from my point of view - I hope you enjoy them!!!

Thursday, 18th June 2009
Day 1 - Brisbane to Dubbo

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Driving the Dubbo
2. The Cabin
3. Arriving

A narrow escape for Elmo & Ty
Yesterday I drove from 4 o'clock am. It was very dark so I kind of went to sleep but woke up. When the sun started to get up I woke up. We drove in the car a lot. At Goondiwindi we started driving a long way away from where we stopped for breakfast. When we drove away, Ty & Elmo were left behind at Goondiwindi. So, we had to drive back and get Ty & Elmo and it took 2 & 1/2 hours to rescue them. When we had them back I started drawing, listened to some books & read along. Then we arrived at 6:30pm and I went straight to bed. When I got into my bedroom I noticed I had a ladder to my bunk bed so I climbed up. When I was up there I tried and I could touch the roof!

Friday, 19th June 2009
Day 2 - Dubbo

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Trains
2. Zoo
3. Jumping Pillow

Communing with the wombat
Feeding the giraffe
This morning I went to Dubbo Zoo. I saw lots of animals and my favourites were the wombat (who I liked because he tried to say hello to me - his claws banged on the gate and I said "Good morning wombat"), the tiger and the cheetah. I fed the giraffes and I put the carrot sideways with my left hand and they munched it right out of my hand. I kept giving it to them until the whole bucket was empty. They licked me on the head which was not fun. I heard the African lion roar and it was like this "rooooooaaaarrrrrrrr". Then I went to "Traintasia" model display (steam train & diesel). There were some mountains, two trains moving and one was superfast! Both of the trains went through one tunnel, through points, across a bridge, through another tunnel and came into the station. Then the next one started and the really fast one had an accident because the signalman changed the lights. Coaches fell off and we had to tell the man who fixed it just before the blue train came to the points. After the trains, I came home to the cabin and we had a go on the giant jumping pillow. It was so fun!

Saturday, 20th June 2009
Day 3 - Dubbo to Adaminaby

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. The Cabin
2. My New Book
3. The Dog on the Tuckerbox

Raining leaves in Young
Today when I left Dubbo at 5:50am it looked really dark. I did not go back to sleep. We drove for a very long time because there was no where to stop for breakfast! On our way we say "The Dish" at Parkes, which is a big telescope for looking and listening to space. At Young we saw a huge pair of big cherries! We had breakfast there and played "raining leaves" int he park. They were brown, yellow and red (warm colours). After Young, we drove to Gundagai and saw the dog sitting on the Tuckerbox and we all sang "Along the Road to Gundagai". We threw 20cents in the fountain and I wished for snow. We drove even further and started looking out for The Big Trout. It looked like a fish but it was huge compared to a real fish. On the way we drove through The Snowy Mountains. You might be expecting snow on the Snowy Mountains and we saw a little bit of snow from the car. We have a new cabin. It has 5 beds and there's not even 5 of us in this family. That's SO funny! Right now, I'm having dinner splectinner and it is yum yum yum yum! Tomorrow I am going to the snow on those funny Snowy Mountains. Good night!

P.S. I got a new book. It's a robot book called "Choose Your own Adventure - Robots"!. I think it's really good!
The Dog, Dada & IMore fun in the leaves at GundagaiChowing down at the Cabin

Sunday, 21st June 2009
Day 4 - Adaminaby

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Snow, Snow, Snow!
2. The cabin
3. Snowy & The Train

This morning I went to Mt. Selwyn at Selwyn Snowfields. Before I went out in the snow I had to put special snow clothes on - thermals, jackets, beanies, gloves and bootes, goggles and 3 pairs of pants!!! I ran to the snow, down behind the pole. Mama and I started making snow balls to throw at Dada. Twice Dada's snow balls made me eat snow and it was yuck! I spat it out because I didn't like eating it. The snow was white and it was cold! We built a snowman - it wasn't powdery snow which meant it was icy, icy, icy and so our snowman was so small - about the size of Sammie. He was behind the pole just behind the chairlifts to get the ski-ers back up. His name was Snowy. After we built him we decorated him with a carrot for the nose, sultanas for the eyes and an apple for the mouth. We left Snowy and afterwards we saw he had been crashed down, so he won't be there tomorrow.

Ready, aim, fire!Building SnowySnowy's Bodyguard
At the station
All aboard!

We'll have to build another one and name him "Snowy 2". At lunchtime I had a warm chocolate and it was yum, yum, yum! Sam didn't want to drink his so it got poured into my cup and I drank it up. When we left Selwyn Snowfields, we drove back home, put our shoes on and had lunch. Then we drove to a train station called "Cooma" which is also where the station is - ha, ha, ha! We went on the train and it went really fast. It made lots of sounds - eek, blurp blurp, ding, ding ding and the brakes went screech. The train was very old - 85 years old! While we rode on the train we saw a sheep jump over the fence and run onto the train tracks - oh no! Luckily the driver put the brakes on and the sheep jumped off the track. Screech, pizzzss, clickity clack! Brrrrrr. All up, my day was fun, fun fun.

Monday, 22nd June 2009
Day 5 - Adaminaby

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Toboganning
2. The cabin
3. Mt Kosciuszko

This morning I fed the chickens. We tried to feed one of them but the big black rooster sntached the food off him. When the rooster went cock-a-doodle-doo, the yellow one who didn't get food came out. It was so cold and we were going to the snow to go toboganning. I first started on the smooth faaaaastest side. I went with Dada & Mama. When we went down I had to hold on really tight. There were lots of grassy patches so we went on the snow tubing side and it was so bumpy. I loved it! Three times on the bumpy one with Dada and then I went by myself on the fast one! I loved going by myself. We had lots of snowfights and I loved them - I thre a huge ball at Dada!
Feeding the chickensRiding with DadaWahoo!!!
After lunch, we went for a big drive to see Mt. Kosciuszko - the tallest mountain in Australia. When we got closer to it, guess what happened? It had disappeared - it was behind Abbots Peak. It was easy to see from the lookout at Cabramurra (which is the highest town in Australia). Something was funny about this town - guess what? All the houses' roofs were not shaped like my house's roof - they were straight down on an angle and there were big piles of snow at the bottom - that's so fun funny! When we got to Mt. Kosciuszko it was so dark but there was a big golden light on it to light it up. After that we went to dinner and on the way we saw a wombat running across the road. I thought it would get run over but it didn't. After dinner we drove and we drove back to our cabin. On the way we saw 3 kangaroos - 1 of them we accidently hit, 1 jumped across the road and Dada stopeed just in time for it. Another one didn't jump at all - it just stayed still and the car drove past. It was a good day all up. Good night!

Tuesday, 23rd June 2009
Day 6 - Adaminaby to Sydney

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Monorail
2. Sydney
3. Hotel Room

The Big Trout in fog
Playing in Quenbeyan
Today it was a long, long drive. It was freezing cold this morning - it was -2 degrees outside, that's WAY cold!!! We fed the chickens and only 1 came out. When we left there was 2 - the others were all inside! We drove and we drove and drove! Along the way we saw The Big Trout which we first saw on Sunday and said goodbye. When we were driving it was all foggy and I could only just see stuff that was right in front of me. Then, guess what? There were paddocks full of kangaroos - boing, boing, boing. At Goulburn we turned off and saw a big, big, humungous sheep called "The Big Merino". When we drove into Sydney it was much bigger and had more traffic.
The Big Merino
We had trouble finding our blue apartment but we found it and I love it. I like it because it's near Sydney monorail, I can see diggers out the window and because in my bedroom there is a TV! We went out for dinner to a place in Chinatown. We saw wooden planks, the monorail, some big lion statues, lots of restaurants and lots of people. At our restaurant there was a fishtank full of cup fish and they were humungous! I had spring rolls, rice, pork & peanuts, chicken & cashews. I tried to eat with chopsticks but I couldn't quite use them. After dinner, Mama & I walked to a chinese bakery. It wasn't like a normal bakery - we chose our custard tarts ourselves and then paid for them. I tried one but I didn't like it. So far, I love Sydney.

Wednesday, 24th June 2009
Day 7 - Sydney

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Anja
2. Aquarium & the Monorail
3. Ice Cream

This morning, after breakfast, I went to World Square to wait for the monorail. I waited and waited until something white was coming - it was the monorail!!! It only goes from World Square to World Square in a loop and runs on one rail, which is why it's called a monorail. Ha ha! We got off at Darling Harbour where we saw Sydney Aquarium! We didn't just walk right in, there was a metal shark that we went through. We saw fish and fish and fish and more fish and what comes after that? Fish! We also saw sharks (real live sharks!), a blue ringed octopus, seahorses, a platypus, a croc-a-snapper-dile, turtles (eating a fish - ugh!), and an eel. I loved the Aquarium, especially the sharks, the crocodile and maybe even the bolue ringed octopus. Afterwards we had lunch and a seagull started pecking at my lunch, but I didn't give it any. After lunch, we went back on the monorail and then caught the 555 green bus to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.
Waiting for the MonorailIn the jaws of the AquariumAt Darling Harbour
Sydney Harbour Bridge

We climbed to the top of the Opera House - there were 72 steps! I thought it looked like big spikes from a stegosaurus - ha! Then we went on a little red train that only went on a medium speed to see the Botanic Gardens. On the train ride I saw humungous bats which were at the top of the trees and in the middle. We also saw a mulberry tree and Mrs Macquarie's Point and maybe her chair. We also had 2 bowls of ice cream - raspberry and white chocolate, and vanilla. It was yum, yum, yum - yum yum! We came back to the hotel and then we went to Sean & Lisa's. At Sean & Lisa's I played with Anja, their daughter, who is in Grade 1. There was something funny about me & Anja -she was 6 and I was 5 but I was taller. I had fun with Anja - she even had a Tomy Thomas and I played with it. I didn't get to bed until 9 o'clock at night - that's very late so I went straight to sleep.
The Opera HouseOn board at The Botanical GardensIce Cream

Thursday, 25th June 2009
Day 8 - Sydney

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Hotcakes
2. Park
3. Australian Museum

We went to "bills" for breakfast today. I had hotcakes and they were yum, yum, yum! We went to a park with a wibbly wobbly bridge, a wibbly wobbly slide and a really fast slide that I ran up and down. That was so fun when I did it. After rest time, Dada & I went to The Australiam Museum. We saw the Mammoth exhibit and the Dinosaurs. At the Mammoth exhibit we saw a huge skeleton with big tusks on either side going into a spiral. They were realted to elephants, were about 3 metres tall and lived 10,000 years ago! Then we went upstairs to the dinosaurs and saw the huge sauropd, "Jobaria", standing on 2 legs, and the huge meat eater, a big theropod, "Afroventaor". Then we walked a bit until we saw the skeleton of a huge carnivor, Gigantasaurus. Next to him there was the head of a T-Rex. The head was smaller, but T-Rex's teeth were longer and sharper than Gigantosauros. There was a funny dinosaur who had stripes on him and was called a Qantasaurus, which is funny because there's an airline called Qantas.

Then we saw a movie - first there came lots of little dinosaurs to drink at the water, then came a big eating dinosaur like the size of T-Rex or a Gigantosaurus. All of the little dinosaurs ran off as fast as they could, they ran faster and faster but the meat easter shot through the garden and then came out, they ran faster but one got stuck in the mud. Oh no! The T-Rex ate him and stepped on him. Then he gave a huge roar which scared me. After that we saw a scientist who showed us dinosaur fossils - they were so cool! I touched one and it felt smooth. It was of a centrosaur who was from 75 million years ago. Then we went to the dinosaur toy shop and I liked the dinosaur with the very long, orange neck. We didn't get it. Then we met Mama & Sam in Hyde Park. Then we went home for dinner.

Friday, 26th June 2009
Day 9 - Sydney

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Construction Site
2. Museum
3. Big Wheel

Hard at work
We went on the monorail to Paddy's Market Station. We walked over the bridge to the Powerhouse Museum. We saw the light rail tracks and the light rail - chugga chugga chugg. In the museum there was space and transport. There was even a big rocket nose (the shuttle) and a transport movie. We saw a racing sports car from 1929 and I liked that it went fast. I really liked the big rocket nose - there were 2 TVs, 2 sets of stairs. There was a whirly room which was turning me upside down so I ran out of it and ran back into the shuttle nose. I loved the outside play area - there was a big rope maze but I couldn't climb to the top.

The wibbly room
Also, I went to "Zoe's House". It's not really Zoe a person's house, it was a working centre. Some people got blocks from the house and put them into the giant big loader. I was controlling it and turning the handle. The bricks went up a black belt, called a conveyor belt. The bricks went up and up and up and at the end of the conveyor belt there was no more belt, so the blocks fell down into a big, yellow box called a silo. People with trucks got the bricks and put them into their train trucks and took them along the track into the house. We came back for rest time and afterwards we took the monorail back to Paddy's Market station again. We walked to The Big Wheel at Darling Harbour. Sam was just a bit scared, he didn't know what was going to happen. It went round and round and round - it was so fun! Then we got something for dinner from the Chinese Bakery. I chose the cocktail bun, it was yum! I also had a BBQ pork bun but I didn't like it as much. All up, my day was fun.

Saturday, 27th June 2009
Day 10 - Sydney

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Pizza
2. Monorail
3. Sandcastles

After breakfast we had to walk to catch a train from Museum station to Circular Quay station. It was underground, going faster, faster and faster. It was a double decker train and we went on the top level. I had to walk down some stairs which took a bit longer. We caught a ferry to Manly to have some more breakfast. The ferry was a double decker and we sat at the top again. From the Ferry we could see The Opera House in front of the Sydney Harbour bridge, other ferries, tall boats and Port Jackson. It is very funny that it was called Port Jackson because I'm Jackson and Jackson Shepherd is Jackson, so we have both got a Port! Manly was good - it had a beach and we played there. I tried to build a sandcastle but Sam kept patting it and making it smaller. On the ferry ride back we went outside but it was too cold and very blowy. After rest-time, Dada and I went on the Monorail Treasure Hunt. We had to find things at stations - Paddy's Market, Harbourside, ChinaTown - we had to stop at them all. There was also World Square, Galleries Victoria, City Central, Darling Park and Convention. There was a golden tree we had to find and a ship in a box which was the hardest and we couldn't find it. At Harbourside we found a navy ship and a navy submarine and it doesn't go out anymore. There was some pink writing that said "Spanish Quarter". I really liked the Treasure Hunt. Afterwards, I met Mama & Sam and we went for pizza. On the way I pushed the pram and Sam wanted to walk. I had a Sydney Supreme Pizza - there was salami, ham, pepperoni, tomatoes and stringy cheese. While I ate my pizza we could see the monorail. Sam & I both yelled out "Train!" everytime it went past. It was a fun, fun, fun day!
On the FerryAt ManlySandcastles

Sunday, 28th June 2009
Day 11 - Sydney

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Catching the stars
2. Movie
3. Lorikeets and sugar

At the Observatory
At the Observatory
Today, after breakfast, we caught a train from Museum station to Circular Quay. From there I could see Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. We walked through The Tocks to the park where we went to The Observatory. We saw a movie about going to the moon and going to Mars. There was something special about this movie - we had to wear special glasses. Something was very funny about these glasses - when I put them on, it was like I could teach everything and catch the stars. That's called 3D. We went upstairs to look through a big, big, gigantic, huge telescope and saw Venus, Mars and the Sun. There was something funny about the sun - it was red, but it's usually yellow! Haaaa! There was a big ball called a Time Ball up the top of the building which tells sailors when it's 12pm and 1 o'clock. We had some lunch (a turkey bagel!) and rest time. At lunch we saw some lorikeets and guess what they were eating - sugar! They stole it off the tables at the cafe which was funny. After rest time, Mama & I went on the Monorail Treasure Hunt again because we still hadn't answered one question. It was to find a ship in a box. It was at World Square which is where Dada & I hopped on yesterday and we didn't even see it! Then we went to Hyde Park and there was rain. I got wet, wet, wet so when we got home we had a hot shower. I went to sleep super quick - zoo tomorrow.

Monday, 29th June 2009
Day 12 - Sydney

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Zoo Sky Safari
2. My toy animals
3. Michy, Meerkats and the Elephants

This morning I had a sleep in until I woke up. We had some breakfast and went to the zoo, zoo, zoo (how about you?). We got a train from Museum station to Circular Quay station on a double decker under-pieces train. We hopped off and caught the Taronga Zoo ferry all the way from Taronga Zoo Wharf. It was too far up to climb and there were no steps, so we had to catch the sky safari. It took us up, up, up, up! On the way I could see elephants, orangatan, crocodiles and could see Sydney behind us. Once we hopped off we saw lots of animals. My favourite was holding a snake all by myself around my neck - it was a black headed python! I patted a blue tongue lizard and it felt like the python did. It felt like ti was smooth and dry and it tried to smell me by poking its tongue out. When I was holding it, I made it smell my Dada. I loved the seal show because there was a seal called Michy. His whiskers were strong enough to balance a ball on his nose, he made a smile like this (illustration not included, sorry!). I loved seeing the meerkats because while the roadworks were going on the meerkats were all standing up straight and tall, like this (again, illustration not repeated - I need to find better technical support). I loved the elephant because he spurted water everywhere and it was so funny. I loved the lions and tigers and we even saw a Kodiak bear - he was REALLY Big (2.67 metres tall). At the end of the day, I got to choose a guy to remember my Sydney trip by. I chose 2 small guys - Michy the seal and Whiskers the snow leopard (which I call Whiskers the snow cheetah because I make his legs go fast). With my own money, I bought a pack of animals and a toy car - they are really good. The zoo was good, good, good. Goodnight!
On board the sky safariMeasuring up to the bearUp close and personalPlaying with my new friends

Tuesday, 30th June 2009
Day 13 - Sydney to Port Macquarie

Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Hotcakes
2. Fish & Chips
3. Chocolate Icecream

  • A note from my parents - given Jack's Top 3 from today, we've actually decided that rather than spend any money on any further holidays, we will instead just give Jack a day full of junk food and he'll be happy with that instead! **

This morning I went to "bills" for Hotcakes and my whole family had them this time (except for Sam - he had toast with vegemite). My hotcakes were yum, yum, yum. They're different to pancakes because they had honeycomb butter and ricotta inside them (soft cheese). We drove out of Sydney over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We drove all the way to Tuncurry and we stopped for lunch in the park. There were people going fishing and it looked fun. I'd like to go fishing one day. After lunch we drove to port Macquarie. We built something out of sand called a sandcastle. When we walked away, my Dada put up a stick thing to tell us where it was. We walked to the fish and chips shop for dinner - I had fish, chips and calamari. We walked home and on the way home, because I was such a good boy, I got a chocolate flavoured ice cream. Yum!!! Then we walked home and saw green and red lights flashing in the sea.

Wednesday, 1st July 2009
Day 14 - Port Macquarie to Brisbane

The Small Banana
Poppa's house at Casino
Today's Top 3 Things:-

1. Home!!!
2. Small Banana
3. Coffs Harbour

Today we left Port Macquarie very early in the morning - it was 5:45am (quarter to six). Our first stop was Coffs Harbour for breakfast. I had the best scrambled eggs ever! On the way out of Coffs Harbour we saw the Big Banana - I thought it was good but I said it wasn't very big, it was small so I called it The Small Banana. We stopped in Grafton for petrol. We saw the Clarence River and "Clarence" is part of my little brother's name. My poppy was born in Grafton. We drove to Casino where we saw the house of my Poppy from when he was little. We went to the park and had a big play. We drove from Casino all the way home. I was tired, but I stayed awake by playing with my toy animals. I was glad to see my guys, I missed the computer, my bed and the sandpit.

My holiday was really good!

  • * The End ***