6th Birthday Pictures

The Big 6 Year Old

The Party

Here are a selection of photos taken during my sixth birthday party. For more details about the day, visit my Events page to find out about our Dinosaur Dig.

The highlight of the party was our "dig" where we all got kitted up with excavation tools and had to unearth dinosaur fossils from a big pile of mulch. It was a bit dirty (it didn't help that it was teeming with rain) but a lot of fun!

The Games & Craft

The party warms up
Paleontologist Paul works the crowd
Playing games
Dinosaur Freeze!
Moneybox craft
Morning Tea Time!

The Guests

The Dig Site
Our findings
Liv looks on
Auntie Kath joins in
Hard at work
Stephen & Liv

The Cake

Dinosaur Delights
6 big candles

Party time!

The Actual Birthday Day

More Pressies
I spent my actual birthday day having a fantastic time. It was a Saturday, which meant I had Dada with me the whole day which was fabulous! I opened pressies the minute I awoke (it's so fabulous having Aunties & friends who live overseas and who are so generous each year to remember me).

I helped Mama get breakfast ready, we took Louis for a walk and spent the morning in the pool. Mama & Dada gave me an awesome grassland animal set which I spent most of the day playing until everyone came over in the afternoon for my birthday party. Uncle Timmy, Uncle Michael & I had some games on the Wii (Uncle Timmy had to be excused because he was getting a bit cranky a 6 year old was beating him). The Lollback family came over for a swim and we all had home made pizza for dinner. It was finished with a very chocolately dinosaur sprinkled chocolate cake which I loved! Hooray for birthdays!

Wii with Timmy
Chilling with Great Nan
Big blow!