My 6th Birthday

6 years old!!!
Dinosaur Dig!

This year's birthday party was an excursion into all things prehistoric. Given my fascination with Dinosaurs there really could be no other theme (though I've already nominated Chess as next year's theme!). I made a choice this year to postpone my party until after school resumed - mainly so I could hand out my invitations to my friends at school and enjoy the hype of being able to say "see you at the party" to my friends on the Friday beforehand. This also meant that I had a bit of a family celebration on my actual birthday day, which of course meant.... more cake!!!

The Party

The party was a small affair again, mainly because I enjoy the party so much more when there's not too many people to overwhelm me. I was given 6 people to invite and I stuck to my quota well and invited Olivia, Jennifer, Jacob and 3 friends from school - Rory, Luke and, of course, Stephen. We held the party at the new house on Sunday, 7th February, and, like so many other years, there was torrential rainfall and all the activities got moved inside at the last moment.
The party in full swing
The invitations were a brown & orange dinosaur scrapbooked number from Mama and she thought that, right after Sammie's invites from last year, they were her best effort yet. (The real truth behind small numbers to parties is because the invites take so long to do!) Dada once again got into a role for the event, this year morphing into Palaeontologist Paul (though Mama thought it should have been Prehistoric Paul). He had a great time guiding us through our games and activities. We all painted a craft dinosaur money box, played some fun "burn off some energy now" games and then spent ages at the dig site, discovering bones and fossills (which had been baked that week into cookie dough and egg shells). The dig was the highlight of the party for me..... until cake time.

The massive cakeosaur
The cake took Mama absolutely forever to make (without a word of exaggeration - she just couldn't believe how much icing it used!). It was a 3D stegosaurus which she started icing at 9pm the night beforehand and finished about 6am on the morning of the party. A valuable lesson was learnt - Sammie will be discouraged from ever asking for a dinosaur birthday cake!

6 candles

I received a mountain of fantastic pressies, some of which have been stashed away for school holidays throughout the year. There was definitely a different tone to this year's party - we were really happy to just play and didn't look for the structured games as much as we have in previous years. Mama & Dada suspect that the themed affairs complete with dressed up Dada & party games are probably coming to a close. Without a doubt my 4th birthday party remains the favourite in their mind, though if you ask me - this year's was the best one yet (again!).

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