Seventh Birthday Photos

The Lego Party!!!

I celebrated my seventh birthday this year with a small family gathering on my actual birthday day and a lego party with my friends a fortnight later. I was beside myself with excitement leading up to the party day and couldn't wait to get everyone whipped into a lego building frenzy.

The Games

We decided to run just two games - a duplo building relay and a couple of lego building competitions. The duplo relay was heaps of fun and the littler kids were able to join in too. Of course, as fast as we built our towers kept breaking, so there was a lot of frustrated older siblings urging their younger ones to run faster!

The lego building competitions were broken up into a couple of different heats, which culminated in a girls v. boys competition. The boys worked separately and then attempted to join all our creations together at the end whereas the girls tried to work together to build one thing. The girls won, though I think Mama rigged it!!!

Duplo Relay
Finished Products
The boys get building
The girls strategise
The little boys
Girl power
Men at work
Birthday Builder
The boys' creation
It flies, floats, swims...
Sammie's finished!
Alex building
Liv at work
The Guests

As always, Mama & Dada limited the number of people I could invite, or else the whole of Year 2 and Year 3 would have been invited!!! In the end, I chose a couple of friends from both Years 2 and 3, together with some of my "non-school" friends. There were 8 big kids all together, which was a fabulous number for Dada, as chief Lego Builder, to look after!

Aunty Kath & Uncle Jason
Mr Horvarth
Mama & Sarah
The Cake

For me, birthday parties are made by the birthday cake. I had stipulated on my actual birthday that I wanted an icecream cake, which I enjoyed to the very last lick. I wasn't overly fussed what I had for my birthday party though, so Mama pretty much got carte blanche. In the end she went with a giant lego brick, surrounded by cupcakes decorated with icing lego bricks & lego men. They looked fantastic and, more importantly, tasted delicious!!!

Happy Birthd
to me!
Stephen hoes in
Jen's chow down
Mouths busy...
Lego biscuit!
Some other shots....

Do you want some?
Too late!
Beautiful brothers
The photoboards
The bunting
The lego head biscuits