My 7th Birthday

Cake anyone?
Good Heaven, I'm Seven!

As will be the case every year until I finish Grade 12, my birthday falls right before school recommences for the year. This year, it was the very day before which meant we needed to have an early night (and run me ragged during the day so I went straight to sleep!).

I made a decision to postpone my party for 2 weeks so that I've got time to get back to school, see my friends and let everyone get settled in before we get into the heady business of Lego Mania. Luckily for me, one of my school friends decided she would have her party the day before and so I got to go and run around at her party in the morning which was great fun!

Opening Pressoirs
Sammie helps
I invited Granny & Granda, Uncle Michael, Uncle Timmy & Trina over to join the rest of us, and Nanna, in celebrating my big 7! As is the rule in our house, the birthday person gets to select the day's cuisine and so I requested buttermilk pancakes for breakfast and fish and chips for dinner.

Board games!
More board games!
Reading at rest time
The big decision though was the kind of cake I wanted. I thought long and hard and in the end settled on a double chocolate and vanilla ice cream cake which Mama produced by buying a chocolate & a vanilla Vienetta - hey presto, just what I wanted!

Dinner time
The crowd
I had a fabulous day - great presents (some Tintin books, Schleich animals, more board games and puzzles, more books!), got to run around at someone else's party and eat their cake, had a swim, ate fish and chips & my own cake!!! What more could I ask for?

You can now check out the pictures from my Lego Party and learn all about my fabulous, extended, birthday celebrations!