My 2nd Birthday

Two Two Train!

In order to celebrate my very special 2nd birthday, I had a train themed party. Obviously, I love trains. Lurve trains. So we did up some pretty invitations and sent them out, so that everyone could join in the toasting to the fact that I have made it to the big 2.

The invitations

This year was a little different to last year - to start with, my party wasn't held on my actual birthday. This meant that, in effect, I actually had two birthdays! Which, if you ask me, was pretty cool!

In keeping with the train theme, Mum and Dad hooked up a huge train pinata with a trap door and ribbons for all of the kids to pull so that the toys fell out from the bottom. Only problem - the trap door didn't really work so well - so in the end, the pinata had to be attacked with a knife.

The Pinata
The highlight for me was definitely the cake - my first taste of cake! I thought it was rather lovely. In fact, at 9pm that night I was still in my bed singing Happy Birthday to myself and saying "mmmm, cake good, want more cake".
Blowing Out The Cake
Mum and Dad experienced, yet again, how difficult it can be to work with a child. Sometimes we just don't feel like doing things - like opening presents for an example. I was quite content to be playing with the toys I currently had, but they insisted that I sit down and open up the presents everyone had bought. In the end, they gave in and I had some help from Olivia, Jess and Jen.

A big thank you to everyone for their lovely pressies (even if I didn't look too impressed at the opening, I was definitely impressed the next day when my stash was piled up on the floor for me to go through). Also, a big thank you for being a part of my life and for sharing my 2nd birthday with me.

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