My First Day At School

Jack turns Preppie!

Today a huge milestone happened in my life - I swaggered off (albiet a little tentatively) to school! I'm in Prep Blue with Mrs McGreevy (my teacher) and Mrs Bladen (my teacher-aide) who are both just lovely. There are 20 other students in the class (including another Jackson!) and this morning I knew absolutely no-one, but am pleased to report that by this afternoon I'd learnt lots of childrens' names and am well on the way to making friends.

I expressed some concern last week about going to school (very succinctly stating that I in fact didn't want to go and just wanted to go back to kindy}. We had a stay & play last week though which went quite well and over the weekend I told my parents I was feeling "pretty good" about school. Mama asked me this morning over breakfast how I was feeling and I answered, "pretty good". When they picked me up and asked me how it was.... "pretty good". So, it seems this school business is pretty good!!!.

My first day was spent learning about where everything is and how things work. We took a tour of the school (while hunting for Teddy Tickles who was hiding somewhere and we had to find him) and saw the art studio (there is a resident artist who runs our art sessions each week), the music room, the Japanese room, the library, the playgrounds AND the toilets!!! I informed Mama & Dada all about the hunt and how school is broken up into different areas and seemed quite impressed by it all. We spent some time playing soccer and a ball game where everyone got to introduce themselves & talk about something they liked (my response was, of course, TTTE).

When my parents collected me Mrs Bladen commented on how great my lunchbox looked (making Mama feel not quite so sad about leaving me with them) and said that I'd had a terrific day and hadn't had any problems. I certainly seemed pretty pleased with the whole thing and excitedly informed Mama that I get to go back tomorrow!!!

Mama & Dada find it very hard to believe that I'm off at school. It really and truly does seem like only yesterday that they went out there and took the school tour. Deciding to put me into Prep (rather than fast-track me into Year 1 or leave me at Montessori for another year) was a very difficult decision, but they feel quite confident that Mrs McGreevey is going to be great at extending me and making sure my enthusiasm for learning doesn't regress. They strongly believe they have an obligation to provide me with the best education they can afford and that St. Paul's best suits not just me, but our family and the values Mama & Dada have tried to instill in me.

Fingers crossed!!!

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