Picture of the Week - January 2012

Goofy GOMA Kid
28th January 2012

We went to GOMA today to celebrate Di's birthday and I had a great time. It's been raining cats and dogs here for a week, so any chance to run around and burn off some energy was welcomed by kids and parents alike! I had a fabulous time in the sticker room at GOMA, as you can see!

Going Spotty!
Size 7 Shoes!!!!

6th January 2012

Now that school is looming, it's time to get my new fancy uniform ready, along with some new school shoes. This year I have to have formal black shoes as well as sports shoes. I loved my new sports shoes so much I talked Mama into getting me a pair for wearing at home as well. I had to ask a couple of times though, because she was in a bit of a daze after discovering that I'm now wearing a a size 7 mens shoe!!!

Check out those canoes!!!
Some reference - the Fat Controller's car really isn't that tiny, my feet are just massive!