Picture of the Week - July 2011

Game On!

13th July 2011

I spent a couple of days while we were down the Coast at Chess Camp (I'm in the stripey hoodie, sitting in the back row about a third of the way down the page). I had a sensational time and even managed to beat a rated player, which was hugely exciting for me. The days at chess well and truly put me in a board game mood so that when Dada got a new game out I was ready and raring to play!!!

Crazy Gamers!
The Justin Beiber Hair

4th July 2011

If you don't know who Justin Beiber is, you must be living on Mars. Even I, who has absolutely no interest in pop people (nor any exposure to it), knows who he is. Mind you, I only know who he is because everyone keeps saying I have his hair style. I just thought I had my own "I don't want to get it cut" hairstyle happening. This photo was taken by Nanna on Grandparents' Day and shows why I have to go and visit the hairdresser before school starts back in a couple of weeks!!!

Long haired yop!!!