Picture of the Week - November 2011

Soccer Shoes

11th November 2011

Ever since I moved up to Grade 3, I've become a bit of a soccer fan. As the year has progressed I've become even more keen and have made the big decision that I am going to swap Duke the Double Bass for joining a soccer team next year. Mama & Dada were at first a little sad (because I'd done so well on the super cool double bass) but they can really see that I'm very keen to get out there and play soccer with my friends.

Every afternoon between homework and dinner I'm outside kicking the ball around with whoever I can convince to play with me (usually Sam, with a bribe that I'll play trains with him afterwards). Mama took this photo of me today just as I was putting my shoes on and heading out to play. I look pretty chuffed with myself!

Game on!