Picture of the Week - September 2010

21st September 2010 - Making Music!
I've been enjoying being on holidays immensely and relaxing around the house. Sammie & I have been playing lots of board games with Mama and I've been relishing in taking on the role of "Chief Morning & Afternoon Tea Maker". We decided to make the most of my newfound musical knowledge yesterday and form a little band. The instruments consisted of a spoon, a pan, a tin can and a whistle. My inspiration - Bert and Ernie's Clink Clank song!

Crazy Musician!
Captain Wilkins!
12th September 2010 - Pirate Wednesday

We had our Pirate dress up day at school last Wednesday. Everyone dressed up as pirates, including our teachers. I chose not to go with the 80s pirate look this time and instead went with the red and white gingham bandana & sash that Mama had made for Sam.

We had a sensational day playing pirate games, going on a treasure hunt throughout the school campus and watching Treasure Island. After dinner I took myself off to bed early - I was on quite a sugar high during the afternoon but it must have worn off long enough for my little body to realise that I was absolutely shattered and needed a good night's sleep!

5th September 2010 - Lou Lou

Over the weekend Mama & Dada stripped Louis' coat down, so now that it's finished he looks like a much younger and smaller dog. On Sunday I did my usual routine of going to see Louis first thing after waking up in the morning. I thought it was hilarious when I discovered Mama had only stripped one of his ears! Luckily it was finished Sunday afternoon so his ears match again.

Our Best Boy

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