Picture of the Week - August 2010

31st August 2010 - Pirate Pals!

This photo is of my best friend, Stephen, and I at the school fair on Saturday. We were both dressed up as Pirates from the 80's - a bit of a tall order for kids who don't remember or really even understand that era!!!

Wake me up before you Row Row
23rd August 2010 - Almost more gaps than teeth!

Without any warning my 5th tooth came out today. It had only been wobbly for a couple of days, so it must have been super ready - usually I have really wobbly teeth (until they're just hanging on by a thread)! I was quite chuffed with the loss - and with The Tooth Fairy's compensation!

Tooth Fairy's latest customer
18th August 2010 - Piano Man

I started piano lessons this term at school. I've had 5 lessons so far and am absolutely loving it. I race in to the playroom to practice each night and am proud as punch of my performance each night!

Sing us a song...
11th August 2010 - The Toof Fairy Returns!

My second top tooth has fallen out now (this time while I was eating my weet-bix at breakfast!). The result is now the stereotypical "all I want for Christmas" gap. Unlike that stereotype though I am staying true to myself - there's not a lisp to be heard at all!

Toofless Terror