Picture of the Week - June 2010

20th June 2010 - The Eye

The cut next to eye is healing really well. I was super brave when the bandaids were removed and there is a slight scar but probably only noticeable to Mama. I continue to tell everyone that I was super lucky - "not even the thickness of 2 sheets of paper and it would have been my eye"!

(Perhaps there's a future for me in drama writing if astrophysics doesn't work out!)

Eye Eye Captain!
8th June 2010 - Port-Rack Attack!

Mama got a phone call from the school sick bay today to come and collect me from school. Given the fun we've had with Sammie the last few days, she is sure our family has some kind of co-ordination curse on it at the moment (let's hope Dada doesn't injure himself tonight at the gym!). It turns out that after lunch I misjudged the distance between my head and the port-rack (as you do) and copped the corner of my eye on the edge of the metal corner.

Off to the GP we went and the injury was cleaned and dressed. The cut is so close to my eye-ball that it couldn't be glued or stitched but, thankfully, it's actually not that bad a cut. I'm a lucky little boy though because I must have super-narrowly missed my eye-ball.

Incidentally, for those who don't know what a port-rack is: it's the rack where our school bags sit outside the classroom (not where we store our parents' good drinking port!).

Very sad
and sorry for myself!
2nd June 2010 - Cooking Night!

Cooking Night is still alive and well in our house. Mama tries and steers me towards new recipes each week but I often request "old favourites" that I've enjoyed cooking before. My all time favourite is pizza because I love knocking the dough back once it's proved and so it was that again on Sunday night we enjoyed two delicious pizzas made by moi.

On the menu this time was "The Market Pizza" (bacon, banana, egg & cheese) and "Mr Potato Head" (bacon, potato, pineapple and cheese). They were delicious and, best of all, there were leftovers for my lunch!!!

Bon Appetit!