Picture of the Week - November 2010

22nd November 2010 - Sizzler!

I went to Sizzler this week for my class break up and had an absolute ball. Mama suspects that this year when I'm asked "what special meal do you want for your birthday dinner" my reply will be... Sizzler!

Mmmmmm, all you can eat!
7th November 2010 - 3D Spot What!

My Uncle Michael has a knack of getting me really cool presents. Sometimes it takes me a little while to really get into them, but once I do - I'm hooked! I've been spending a lot of time lately studing my 3D Spot What book - even though Dada's certain I must be able to spot everything as soon as I turn the page now because I've looked at it so much, I still love it!!!
Crazy Glasses!
1st November 2010 - Milk Mo

Some may remember from a few years ago that we have a charity event in Australia known as "Movember". I thought I'd make an attempt this year, which Mama found quite hilarious!

The Milk Mo!!!