Picture of the Week - August 2009

28th August 2009 - Cheetah Capers

At school this week we celebrated Book Week and as part of the celebrations we had a dress up parade today. The theme this year was Book Safari which was quite apt for me because I have been very interested in grassland animals of late. In fact, last week I borrowed about 10 books on Big Cats and Grassland Animals so when Mrs McGreevy asked us to dress up as a character from a book we enjoy reading, I instantly decided I'd be a cheetah.

I went to great lengths to learn what distinguishes a cheetah from other cats (spots, not rosettes and the all important tear stripes) and to make sure my costume incorporated those differences. I've spent all this week preparing my costume and was pretty happy with the end product - it's amazing what you can do with a black nikko pen & a raincoat!!!

17th August 2009 - The Masked Man

One of my friends at school has been at home for a couple of weeks while swine flu is about, in order to protect her younger brother. I've really missed Ella and have been quite prolific in the amount of drawings and craft I've been doing for her. I decided I'd make her a princess mask and, in the process, also created a dinosaur mask for myself.

It's T-Rex on a plate!
10th August 2009 - Driving at the Shops

When we visit shopping centres, Sam & I are allowed to "play" on the rides under the very strict understanding that no money shall ever pass from Mama's hands into the slot on the ride. Which actually suits us quite well because both of us have previously shown faces of terror whenever we've been on there and another parent has started the ride.

It seems though, that we may both be past that fear. We were at the shops the other day and the ride we were playing on was actually broken. Broken in the sense of - I start going without any money being inserted (and therefore without any warning to my passengers). We thought it was fantastic! I keep requesting we go back to those shops because I'm fairly certain that they're going to fix it soon and then we'll be back to pretending to drive.

We're off!!!
2nd August 2009 - Scary Monster!

Bit by bit, I'm starting to move away from the Thomas fanatic and into typical boy interests. Mostly they include space, dinosaurs, space, dinosaurs and trains. The other boys at school are very into Spiderman, Transformers, Ben 10 etc., but I've showed no interest (and my parents are in no desire to fuel my interest anyway). I showed evidence of my transition on Saturday when I had my face painted (which, in itself, was noteworthy given I've only ever allowed that to be done on one other occassion). I chose to be a skeleton and quite a scary skeleton at that!!!

No, it's not swine flu!

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