Picture of the Week - July 2009

20th July 2009 - Robot Antics

Over the past few years, Mama & Dada have found that a sure fire way to keep good behaviour on track when I seem to be going off the rails is to bring out the ever faithful sticker chart. Towards the end of last term I was struggling a little after school, most likely because I was absolutely exhausted. A new sticker chart was devised which rewarded me with a sticker for each afternoon I was able to get through bath and bedtime without a melt down. Once I accumulated 7 stickers, I could chose an adventure with either Mama or Dada on the weekend.

I loved this particular sticker chart so much, and it worked so well, that it's still in place. Last weekend I chose to spend my adventure time with Dada and together we made a Tin Can Robot which I have named "Wibble Wobble". Wibble is not the most stable of structures and we're not sure how long he'll last, so the name is rather apt!

Wibble & Me!
15th July 2009 - Mama's New Cleaning Crew

Forget about Absolute Domestics, Mama's thinking of hiring Sam & I out as not just super-efficient cleaners, but also as possibly the cutest cleaning crew in the world. We whip around the house in no time every morning, cleaning up toys and general debris (how things get so messy is beyond us!!!). Hot on the heels of my fabulous Cooking Night effort on Monday night (Chicken, spinach & pinenut sausage Toad-in-the-Hole), she's thinking we would fetch quite a pretty penny or two!

7th July 2009 - QUT Lamb Chops!

We attended Dada's MBA Medal award ceremony the other night. I would normally have been snuggled up safe and sound asleep in bed but seeing as it was such a special occasion Mama & Dada decided Sam & I could come. That was great news for me - especially as they served some sensational lamb chops afterwards which I just couldn't get enough of!!!

Dada, can you get another medal so we can come back?