POTW - June 2008

17th June 2008 - Eat More Carbs!!!

In the past few days I seem to have developed a winter fascination with carbohydrates. To the point that I even wanted to eat rice for dessert a few nights ago, instead of my standard fruit & yoghurt!!!

Rice for lunch, dinner and dessert!
4th June 2008 - TV Buddies

I've become very fond of a TV show called The Upside Down Show which features two brothers, David & Shane (otherwise known as The Umbilical Brothers). It's a fabulous show and is one of the first TV programs that has really got me to participate with it - I have great fun pressing buttons on my pretend remote control and making the brothers speed up and slow down! Dada was home this week and could watch it with me, so we curled up together for a good laugh.

Some well deserved time out for us both!