POTW - April 2008

23rd April 2008 - My first bushwalk!

Mama & I ventured up to Mt Nebo on Saturday night to participate in a Family Dusk Adventure where we went animal spotting on a 1.5km bushwalk. I had an absolute ball and saw some great animals - the weather was pretty wild so Ranger Ros brought some animals with her in case we didn't see any on the walk. This meant I got to get up close and personal with a fresh water turtle, a spotted python and a blue tongued lizard. On the walk we also saw a possum (much more to Mama's liking!), a great barred frog and 10 snails!!! Oddly enough it wasn't the animals I kept telling everyone about afterwards but instead my first hot chocolate - there was billy tea before the walk and Mama made me a milo so I didn't miss out on the full experience. She wasn't too sure how chocolately a drink can taste with only 1/4 teaspoon of milo, but I didn't seem to mind!

The view from Jolly's Lookout at dusk
15th April 2008 - That's just not cricket!

Dada takes me to Happy Coconuts each Saturday where I learn the basics of different sports (and improve my co-ordination). We have recently started playing cricket which I've become very good at (it must be the early grounding I got with cricking at home). Mama & Dada bought a backyard set so we could extend the fun and on the weekend we took to the park with it and had an absolute ball. The only issue is that I don't quite grasp the concept of fielders - I think that if I bowl the ball, it's my responsibility to run and catch it. At one point when I was trying to explain this to my fielders and was faced with some dissention from them I replied - "that's just not cricket!".

Dada in action!
Bowled Out!
I take this game seriously!!!
6th April 2008 - Stripey Pajamas

It's starting to get a little bit colder now of a night-time, so the flanelette pajamas have had to appear. Of course, I don't come anywhere close to fitting into my old pjs, so we had to go and get some new ones. I look so cute, and yet so grown up!, that I had to share these photos.

The stripey look
Cheeky Monkey!

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