POTW - March 2008

30th March 2008 - Who Need Cheezles!

Today I managed to amuse my parents greatly by decorating my fingers with duplo pieces. I thought it was rather hilarious too, especially when I tried to pick up more lego with my lego fingers!

What's happened to my fingers?
It's soooooo scary!
25th March 2008 - The Chocolate Egg!!!

I haven't had a lot of chocolate in my lifetime and, probably as a result, when I do get to have some I think it is the best thing since sliced cheese (and, in fact, far better than sliced cheese!). This Easter Mama relented and allowed Granny & Nanna to give me a little bit of chocolate (which she is now proceeding to administer in what must be the world's smallest doses!). This may account for why my face was the picture of pure worship when I unwrapped an entire egg and cracked it open on Easter Sunday!!!

All hail the Easter Egg!
16th March 2008 - The Bono Look

I went to a birthday for Bradly, one of my kindy friends, today. We had an absolute ball and I was quite chuffed to discover these fabulous sunglasses inside the party bag. We all tried them on (which Sam thought was hilarious) but everyone agreed they suited me best!

The orange really suits me!
7th March 2008 - My First Reader

Today I brought home my first ever "reader" from kindy. (For those not in the know, "readers" are books sent home with children to help them learn to read and encourage them to better their reading abilities etc., as they get older and older.) I started work on the readers program at kindy on Wednesday and amazed Adelle, my teacher. I raced through the phrases books (which are used as the introductory books for the 5 year olds) and am already ploughing through the short sentences books. War and Peace here I come!!!!

Big reading boy

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