POTW - Feb 2008

26th February 2008 - A real life narrow gauge engine!

Mama & I recently noticed that a near by park was advertising train rides. Imagine my delight when I discovered they were rides on a narrow gauge engine (just like one of the TTTE characters!). So on Sunday we all headed out to MacPherson park at Bracken Ridge to check it out. I was beside myself with excitement - the ride went for ages and we all went on and had a ball. What's even better is that we've discovered they are there every month, so now I can't wait to go again!!!
Dada & I check out the track
The engine without it's carriages
16th February 2008 - Presents!!!

Dada is now back from Kevin and Sarah's wedding and brought home lots of presents. I got some fabulous new Thomas magazines & DVDs from Anne & Eileen (thank you very much!!!). I also got a fantastic book from Kevin & Sarah about dinosaurs which has a 3D dinosaur layout so that I can re-enact the story. It's been a huge hit this week during rest time and this photo was taken as we were taking it out of it's box. I'm a bit excited, can you tell???


9th February 2008 - At The Park

We went to Happy Coconuts this morning and because it was the first time Mama has taken me (usually I go with Dada) we left a bit early to make sure we got there on time. That meant I had plenty of time to play in the park on the swings before the class started, which I loved. I particularly liked crawling through the tunnel pretending, of course, that I was Mavis (the quarry yard diesel!).

Big Four Year Old Boy!
5th February 2008 - My "helper"

It seems that I spend so much of my time playing trains that Sam has figured out that the train table is, quite literally, where all the action is. This is a picture of him "helping" me with the track. He tried helping again today and I advised him "No Mabby, Thomas is not for little babies, you should read a book".

This track took me hours to perfect!