POTW - August 2007

23rd August 2007 - Finger Painting

Mama & I spent the morning working on our stash of handprinted Christmas wrapping paper. I love it - not only is it gooey and mucky, but now I can write my name in the paint too!

Let's get mucky!
Hard to decipher, but that does say JACK!

19th August 2007 - Ground Control...

I've been spending time playing with my first ever remote control car - "Scrambler" from Bob The Builder. He is very cool and keeps me occupied for ages which is great (as long as you can ignore the constant whirr whirr whirr!).

Dada helps me fit my headset on
14th August 2007 - Blair Witch Jack

My reign on the camera continues. It seems that I am my favourite subject!
Up close and personal (and out of focus!)
1st August 2007 - While the Dada's away...

Dad is away this week on a conference and it's Mama's first time flying solo since Sam was born. We got off to a good start when, at 5am on Monday morning, Sam was screaming his lungs out and I presented at Mama's bedroom door with a leaky nappy and saturated pyjamas. It ended with the 3 of us in Mama & Dada's bed (an extremely rare occurrence!), sleeping soundly until the rubbish truck rudely awoke us.

There were 3 in the bed....

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