POTW - July 2007

2006 Show
24th July 2007 - 12 months older...

It seems the last year has whizzed past while Mama & Dada haven't been looking. Here's a comparison of photos taken from the Bananas concert this year and the concert 12 months ago.

2007 - About the same levels of enthusiasm!
20th July 2007 - Big Boy Crockery

As Sam's christening approaches, I've decided that I'm old enough to do away with plastic plates & bowls and instead start using the gorgeous Peter Rabbit crockery that Granny & Granda gave me as a christening present.

It's milk, not tea (I'm not that sophisticated, yet!).
Fancy, huh!
4th July 2007 - Cheesy Grin!

This photo was taken as I enjoyed my ever favourite past time - playing trains. I'm all dressed up and ready to go out for brunch as a special reward for getting 10 stickers on my Dinner Time Chart!

Say Cheese!

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