POTW - June 2007

28th June 2007 - Self Portrait!

My clandestine photography continues. I steal the camera when Mama isn't looking and take quite an array of photos - including this latest self portrait.

What does that button do I wonder...

20th June 2007 - High Tea!

Last week I had my first "High Tea" experience with Nanna, Kath, Jen, Mama & Sam. I was particularly enamoured with the cupcake which I chowed down on - the icing was about 1/3rd the height of the cupcake! Needless to say, I had a bit of a sore tum later that day...

Very fancy indeed!

13th June 2007 - My Rocking Chair

Mama has a really cool chair for feeding Sam which rocks (literally!). I love sitting on it to watch TV, so much so that sometimes Mama has to feed Sam on the couch instead. All I need is to take up knitting and then I'll really look the part!

Cosy, huh!

5th June 2007 - Cooking with Mama

Mama and Dada have both been extremely conscious of trying to spend quality time with me in between feeding and changing Sam - they're just not sure how "quality" it is if they're half asleep. In any case, Mama and I cooked up a storm the other day making pikelets for hours (Mama forgot the recipe made about 100 and cursed herself for not halving the mixture!).

Mama does the flipping, I do the eating...