POTW - May 2007

23rd May 2007 - Reading On The Stairs

I've been very sick this week which hasn't been a whole lot of fun. However, Dada has been home to help out with Sam so it has meant that I've gotten to spend some extra time with him. On our way up from the laundry yesterday I couldn't quite make it up the stairs, declaring myself to be "tuckered out". So, to make sure I had enough of a rest, we got the doona and some books and had a little story time!

Dada's been up half the night so he really runs the risk of falling asleep to these stories!

17th May 2007 - Before There Was Four

Everyone thought this week's photo would be of my first cuddle with Sam. Nope. Instead, this is the last photo ever taken of our family before we became four. Mama and Dada say it's been a wonderful three years and they've treasured every single moment.

Mama, Dada & their boy, Jack

6th May 2007 - Sharing A Joke

This photo was taken on the weekend as Dada and I got ready to go out for dinner. I look like I've just told the punch line in a very funny joke!

I'm so pleased with myself!

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