POTW - March 2007

27th March 2007 - Chef Jack

I am an excellent helper in the kitchen, as this week's picture shows. Here I am just whipping up a quick Chicken Casserole for dinner while Mama supervises. Next week I might try my hand at a souffle!

Yes, that's looking pretty good I think!

12th March 2007 - Mama's Helper

Last week was a very busy week for helping Mama, particularly on Friday. To start with I proved myself ready for any carwashing fundraiser that might come my way, vacuuming the car with great gusto (even if only with a toy vacuum cleaner) and using an entire bottle of Armour Oil on the dashboard and insides of the doors! I also helped make brownies (mmmmm, chocolate), steam clean the high chair ready for the baby's arrival and make potato bake for dinner. It's a very busy life I lead.

I only charge $5!

5th March 2007 - Dorothy The Dinosaur

Quite some months ago (December 2006, in fact) Joel & Kate Finch bought me a fabulous present - a Dorothy The Dinosaur Tail. The only problem was - I didn't want to put it on. I have a bit of a thing about things going over my head and couldn't be convinced to step into it either, so for ages it has just hung by my bed. I've looked at it, I've played with it, but haven't been able to bring myself to wear it.

Until today!!! Out of nowhere I just decided to ask Mama if I could put it on. This, combined with my new found ability to actually wear my swimming goggles signals some pretty big advancements in my dressing up abilities!

He's a really groovy dinosaur!

1st March 2007 - Checkouts!

I asked Mama the other day if we could play Checkouts. After a little prodding, it came to light that I actually wanted to play Checkers and so my first checker lessons with Dada have begun. The only problem is that half way through the game I change my mind about which colour I'm going to play!

Dad tries teaching me the rules, in vain...

In the Archives, you can see Past Pictures of the Week to catch any cutie pie photos you may have missed.