POTW - Dec 2007

19th December 2007 - Party Boy

On Saturday I went off to celebrate Poppy's 4th birthday. Poppy is my friend from kindy and her birthday invite represents the first time I've been invited to a party for someone who is not part of my parents circle of friends or family. Poppy's party was held at the Indoor Play Centre which is one of my favourite places to frequent, so I had an absolute ball!

All dressed up and ready to party

15th December 2007 - Andy Warhol

Granny and I went into the Art Gallery this week and spent some time at the Warhol for Kids exhibition. It was great fun and I had a fabulous time exploring everything and reporting back to Mama all about it. This photo was taken during out visit and then "warhol-ised" and emailed out to Granny.

There was also a little take home activity book which Mama and I did, including a role play interview. The hilarious thing about this was that Mama had to explain two things: what a "treat" was and what a "movie" was. Here's how it went:-

How old are you? - 3.
What is your favourite colour? - Yellow.
Do you have a favourite toy or game? - Thomas.
Which animals do you like? Why? - Zebras because they have big funny teeth.
What is your favourite treat? - Chocolate.
Do you prefer movies or television - T.V.
What is the best thing you have seen or done today? - Lego blocks.

Our 15 seconds of fame!

5th December 2007 - Christmas Smiles

Here's a photo of me taken on Saturday before we went to the Kiddies Cushion Concert. It's a great photo because I'm really smiling (rather than my fake photo smile). Any photo of me taken at the concert showed my hands over my ears while I chanted "I want to go home". It wasn't our most successful outing...

Christmas Cheer!

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