POTW - Sept 2006

28th September 2006 - Bla Bla Bla

Here I am on the phone to Nanna earlier this week - everyone thinks this photo is hilarious and will be exactly what I look like in 15 years on the phone to my girlfriend!

Yes, uhum, uhum, oh I know!

21st September 2006 - Vacuuming with Mama

I'm such a great help to my Mama - she could almost hire me out as a cleaner! This shot was taken this week as I was vacuuming the rug under the dining room table.

Now if only my vacuum cleaner worked!

13th September 2006 - Goggles!!!

I've been very lucky to be going swimming with my Granny every Wednesday. Each week I've been getting better and better - I can go under the water and swim to Granny, I love doing rocket ship jumps in and singing Speckled Frogs. In a few weeks I'll be moving up to the intermediary class and wearing goggles! I've been trying to get used to them all week.....

Now if only I could figure out how you swim and hold these on at the same time!

6th September 2006 - Cheeky Boy is Back!

We've been without a camera for what seems like weeks! However, the wait is over and the photos are back! This one was taken this morning - I am precisely 2 years, 7 months and 2 weeks old...

Pretty cute, huh!

In the Archives, you can see Past Pictures of the Week to catch any cutie pie photos you may have missed.