POTW - March 2006

23rd March 2006 - Ugg Boy!

In true Australian style, I have my first pair of Ugg boots. Mind you, they aren't just any uggs. Nooooooo! They are Thomas The Tank Engine Ugg Boots, of course. The problem for Mum and Dad is - once they are on my feet, I'm not really that keen to take them off!!!

They kinda match my outfit I think....
and even if they don't, I don't care!!

10th March 2006 - Shopping Man

This picture was taken at Olivia's birthday party last week. Clearly I've had a lot of practice shopping from watching and observing my Mum in action, but I think a somewhat larger troller could help my lower back pain!

Hmmmm, I think we need some grapes and bananas today....

3rd March 2006 - I'm Excited

Ever since I was very, very little (we're talking 4 months old!) I have had a signature move. Everyone claims they've never seen anyone else make a move like it (clearly they haven't seen Dad when Apple Pie is served for dessert), and it has quickly become my signature trademark.

Basically, there is a lot of arm shaking, great exclaimation and energy finding its way to my fingers whenever I get particularly excited. This photo was taken when I was extremely excited that Mum had just announced dinner was ready.

Hoorah for dinner!

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