POTW - Oct 2006

24th October 2006 - A REAL smile!

Quite often when my photo is being taken I put my "fake" smile on (which usually results in quite a scrunched up looking face). This photo was taken while I was happily running around and is the most natural smile that's been captured on camera yet!

I'm thinking of negotiating modelling contract conditions with OshKosh now too!

6th October 2006 - "I'm not out of bed!"

I've been doing fabulously lately at staying in bed at night - my star chart is really helping me to stay put. It doesn't mean I'm going to sleep any earlier - but at least I'm not running about my room. I do however push the boundary of "bed" as far as possible - on this night I decided to relocate myself onto the trundle, in fact.

But I stayed in bed!!!

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