POTW - Sept 2005

September 2005

27th September 2005 - "Beeeeeg Teddy"

I have really started to get into the concepts of "big" and "little" now. I have a favourite Teddy, who's name is "Big Teddy" (very original!). My second favourite is "Bwoun Teddy" (brown teddy), very closely followed by "Beeeeeeeg Teddy" (Big Teddy - the biggest teddy in the house, in fact). I usually have afternoon tea and watch playschool on Beeeeeg Teddy. I'm starting to progress towards "Beeeeeg Bwu Teddy" - I'll keep you posted!

9th September 2005 - Phoning Nanna

My telephone skills are really coming along. In the last week I've managed to phone Daddy twice on Mum's mobile without her realising. It's great fun!

I'm also very fond of chatting away on the phone in my high chair. The only problem crops up when it's time to say Goodbye... I'm not so much a fan of giving back the phone!

Oh I know!!!

2nd September 2005 - Lemonlicious

There's something odd about my parents. They both love lemons. Not just lemon flavoured things, but actual lemons. When Mum was little she would eat them like oranges. At least she had her infant age to blame - Dad still does it!

It seems, however, that this weirdness runs in the family. Last week I was helping to cook dinner and my task was lemon juicing. Pretty soon, it turned into lemon eating. They were fantastic!!!!!

You start by posing for a photo.Then you take the lemonand bite!Pose for another photo...Have some more lemonand laugh at Mummy's funny jokes!

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