POTW - August 2005

August 2005

26th August 2005 - Vroom vroom!

Thanks to Nanna, I discovered that there are RIDES in the shopping centres! Luckily (for Nanna's sake or her ears would still be burning) I have not yet figured out that the rides do stuff if you put money in them. I'm quite happy to just sit and chat to Bert and Ernie, push all the buttons and look incredibly cute for all the passers by.

Back Seat Drivers!!!

15th August 2005 - Cheese!

I have added to my bag of tricks. I can now smile on cue, though it is quite difficult in this picture to distinguish my cheesy smile from the face I make when I pretend to be a tiger. But I was smiling, honest!


4th August 2005 - Tea Anyone?

One of my favourite times of the day is when I hear the familiar sound of the Play School jingle. Regardless of what mischief I'm currently causing, I come running to the TV - grab my sofa out, go and get my TV table and put it next to the sofa. If Mum hasn't arrived with my afternoon tea by then, I start to make rather emphatic hints to her (such as gesturing towards the table, saying "stick stick" (for breadsticks). I know what that jingle means!!!

There's a bear in there...

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