POTW - May 2005

May 2005

31st May 2005 - Reading in bed...

One of my favourite things to do is to read. I especially love Spot books and will quite happily climb out of bed to read them at 3am in the morning. Here's a shot taken of me reading them during the day, for once...

You can see the flaps so much better in the daylight!

19th May 2005 - Taking A Break On The Couch...

Now that I've taken my first steps, I need to rest a bit more. Here I am taking a break on the couch, just surveying the living room and seeing what mischief I can get up to next!

Pretty darn cute, huh!

10th May 2005 - How Cute Am I?

This shot was taken last week - I'm wearing some very cool clothes from my very cool friend, Stuart and looking rather like a mini Man About Town. I think he'd be proud.

Hey Baby, How YOU doing?

3rd May 2005 - Busted!

Mum and Dad generally don't keep me out of certain places - they've decided to save the "No!" for places where it is REALLY needed (like power points, for instance - much to my disgust because I really liked playing with them!). So, every now and then I tend to open up a cupboard and see what's in there. Usually I'm not really bothered by the contents - but the other day, I stumbled upon what appeared to be all my stuff!, which I thought was pretty fantastic. When I was found however, I seemed quite guilty looking which made them wonder what else I had been doing.....

I'm going to put it all back where I found it, I promise!!!