POTW - Nov 05

28th November 2005 - Where's Jack's Frown???

You've seen the fake smile, now see the fake frown. The funny thing is though that whenever Mum frowns at me, I do it right back to her and then she can't frown anymore. Unless I'm in REALLY big trouble, then she keeps frowning though I think on the inside she's really laughing!

Are you talking to me?
I said, are YOU talking to me!

24 November 2005 - Let Them Eat Cake

At a BBQ on the weekend, another little person put down their plate. I went to inspect it and was, as you can imagine, quite surprised to find it contained some kind of chocolate cheesecake whereas my plate had contained only strawberries. So, I helped myself and as a result we now have Jack's First Ever Chocolate Experience....

This definitely DOES NOT taste like chicken!

16th November 2005 - Fake Smile

I've really gotten into the knack of fake smiling now whenever I see the camera come out. The funny thing is, if you compare a photo of me fake smiling with one of my Dad at the same age, it's kinda hard to tell us apart!!!

Say Cheese!

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