POTW - January 2005

January 2005

26th January 2005 - Helping Myself!

Now that I am on the move, it has certainly made cooking dinner a bit more of a challenge for Mum and Dad. As soon as the fridge is opened I scoot over to it and block the way so that the door can't close. After letting all the cold air out, I then try my hand with the pantry - and half the time end up shutting the door while Mum or Dad are standing in there. Helpful, huh!
None of this is very appetising - where's the pureed apple?
19th January 2005 - Ready, Set, Go!

When my friend, Olivia, came to visit this week she brought her delightful bike with her (and was kind enough to give me a push on it too!). Needless to say, I thought it was pretty fantastic!!!

Zoom Zoom Zoom!

5th January 2005 - Trendy Hat!

This week's picture was taken while I was trying out my Clam swimming pool (without the water). I wasn't too sure about the beach toys - this one in particular I actually thought worked well as a hat.

Clamming it up...