POTW - August 2004

August 2004

26th August 2004 - Is there a cuter boy than me???

Nope, at least - not according to my Mum & Dad. This snazzy shot was taken just 2 days shy of my 7 month birthday! The hat is a nice touch, if I do say so myself!

Are you talking to me?

17th August 2004 - You Did WHAT To My Car!!!

Last week Mum and Dad rudely missed the opportunity to update the Picture of the Week. Therefore, they thought it was only fair to post two pictures this week. In general, I'm a fairly happy baby (apparently). Sometimes though, the expressions I get, indicate otherwise...

What do you mean - it's only a TINY scratch!!!
Let's go - outside.  I'll take you on and show you a REAL tiny scratch!

4th August 2004 - Red Card My Friend

This week I spent some time explaining the intricate rules of soccer to Jess (especially the off-side rule which pretty much NO ONE understands unless it is explained to them with the correct props like pictures of David Beckham). I still don't think she quite understood, but she is a girl so what can you expect!

Don't argue with the ref!