POTW - June & July 2004

July 2004

28th July 2004 - We're Happy Little Vegemites

Dad is responsible for choosing this week's picture which is quite apt really, because Dad is also responsible for feeding me my toast each morning. I started having toast this week and it has been a bit of a mixed reaction - some choking, some gobbling down soldiers as quickly as possible and a lot of vegemite sticky fingers!

Mmmm, vegemite!

22nd July 2004 - Fonzerelli Long

This week's picture really shows off what a little boy I've become. Now all I need is the motorcycle.

What does he mean - The Fonz was cuter???

15th July 2004 - Jack v Reggie The Bear!

This week's picture is one of Mum's favourites taken just this week - I'm engaged in some fun sumo wrestling with this overgrown teddy!

Teddy Bears' Picnic

7th July 2004 - Pat Rafter eat your heart out...

This week's picture is one of Dad's favourites - I'm his rubber ducky (cute and yellow and chubby!). This is one of my new Chesty Bonds singlets in a lovely Gay Painter Yellow shade.


June 2004

26th June 2004 - Tummy Time!

This week's picture is one of Mum's favourites and was taken when I was just 19 weeks old. I love spending time on my tummy and can now look all around the place, searching for Mum & Dad. Sometimes I find their big wedding photo and chat to that instead!

I love Tummy Time!