News - Nov 2006


25th November 2006

There's a lot of things that I say and do that will be forgotten as I grow older. Mama and Dada try as much as possible to write them down so they can be laughed over at my 21st birthday and last night definitely provided them with a memory to record.

We had dinner outside and there was a gecko making some noise in the roof. I asked Mama "where is the gecko" but she didn't quite understand me and asked me to repeat myself. To which I replied in a very loud, slow and deliberate voice (as though she was either deaf or incapable of understanding the english language) "WHERE-IS-THE-GECK-GO". Of course, everyone roared with laughter so I knew I'd done something funny and couldn't stop repeating it!

Christmas Tree Lights v Ice Cream....

18th November 2006

What an exciting, adventurous day I had yesterday! Firstly I caught the bus into the city with Nanna who took me to see the fantastic Christmas windows in at Myer. They were set to the story of Wombat Devine which is a gorgeous book written by Mem Fox. The windows were fantastic and I was in awe of them and definitely want to go back and see them again!

Nanna and I then went for a trip up to Santaland and watched Santa's train making trips and collected some stationery to write my letter to Santa. It was time then to meet Mama and Dada for dinner (my favourite - chips and chicken!!!) and somewhere in there I managed to get the idea that I could have an icecream.

Given that it was a pretty special occasion and only happens once a year, I was allowed!!! So I had my very first icecream! (Previously I've been jipped into thinking frozen yoghurt is icecream and have never actually had real icecream before. This was not just any icecream either, but Royal Copenhagen Strawberry Delight!) I managed to eat a fair bit of it (without any mishaps either - no icecream on the pavement avec heartbroken toddler) and then handed it over to Dad.

We watched the dancing, the singing and the lights on the Treasury Casino change colour a million times while we waited for Santa to appear. Finally Santa came and turned on the Christmas Tree lights and the scene was quite reminicent of last year - me in tears at the noise as everyone counted down! Once the lights were on though even I had to agree that they were very pretty.

At the end of it all we went home in the car and when my parents asked me which bit I liked best, I replied..... "my icecream".

Of course!!!

The Melbourne Cup Hats in the making!
Melbourne Cup Hats!

7th November 2006

Everyone knows that anyone who is anyone has a very special hat ready for The Melbourne Cup each year. We spent the very special race day at Nanna's house with Jennifer and so I made some fantastic hats for Nanna and Mama. They weren't very lucky though - it turns out neither Nanna nor Mama can pick anything that even remotely resembles a winning horse!

A Crafty Kid!

4th November 2006

My Mama is not the most craft inclined person in the world. So, she tries to make sure that we do some craft each week so that I'm not missing out just because she isn't naturally inclined to sit down each day and sew or paint. I've got quite a wide range of craft projects stuck up from one end of the house to the other, but this week we worked on a fantastic Fire Engine. I absolutely love it and was so proud of my efforts in making it. As soon as it was dry I donned my Fire Chief's hat and nee-narred my fire engine all over the place!
First you dab a bit of red on...Then a bit more until you cover the box and yourself...The finished product...Oooooh, it's got a siren too!And the siren goes like this - nee nar, nee nar.....