School Holidays!
Mork Calling Orson, Come In Orson....

2nd July 2012

So, there's been a great deal of radio silence of late. Somewhere in the last few months, Mama started working more full time than part time (though strictly not full time, given she only works during school hours). Given that, despite his significantly more advanced technical knowledge, Dada lacks the skills to update our websites, they have largely gone unattended for the past few months.

We apologise. The websites take a fairly significant amount of time to do unless they're done regularly (as in weekly). There's a lot of sorting and uploading of photos, thinking about what's happened etc. How long the websites will continue is a bit of a question, but they're still here for now. Mama's contemplated letting me start writing my own entries, which could result in more regular, but slightly kookier, updates!

In any case, here's a bit of an overview of what's happened this term!

School Camp

Off I go!
I headed off to school camp just after we came back from 1st Term break. It was one night at Old Petrie Town and I was super excited to be going. Mama & Dada were both very nervous - it was a big step to have me spend the night away and they were very relieved to see me get off the bus the following afternoon!

We had an amazing time at camp. I took gazillions of photos and clearly enjoyed the whole experience. My recap of camp was chosen as the best in my class and was featured in the school newsletter. Hilariously, when Mama showed me, I was quite indignant and said "but I wasn't finished it"!

My Time At Camp
by Jackson Long 4G

I went to North Pine Lodge, Old Petrie Town on 23 April. I went by bus with my friends in 4G and some 4B friends. We went to do Aboriginal studies and just to have fun. We had a sleepover with some of my friends from 4B and 4G. Liam slept above me. We did activities and a lot of exploring. I stayed in a dorm with bunk beds. My group was Group 2 boys.

Next we unpacked. Then we had a short free play before morning tea, followed by another short free play. Then we went around the village on a scavenger hunt. We found a lot of interesting things including a guitar, a clay worker's place and some shops. I took some photos of Nick H and he took some of me. Mr Lihou said we would go there tomorrow. Then we had lunch followed by some more free play. So far it was awesome.

Then, we went down to the Multicultural Centre and met a person whose name was Terry. We did something called the “Whalama Dance” which in Aboriginal talk (Terry told us) means “Welcome Dance.” Now that is exciting isn’t it? Then, Terry told us how to play didgeridoos and to throw boomerangs. Terry can throw 3 boomerangs at once!!! I threw 2 boomerangs and neither worked. They were both ‘sticks!’ Then we had a big dinner of chicken, carrots and salad. No-one liked their salad so when dessert came round everyone dumped their salad in the bin. (Not me!) Dessert was ice cream and fruit salad. I had seconds! Then we had a shower and got dressed. We had a scavenger hunt for lollipops. Mahika helped me. Neither of us found a single one! Then Harrison gave us each one. Then we played games. They were all fun, but our group (Mr Lihou’s) came last by 3 points. We were 3 points behind Mr Adams group. After that we did some bracelet making. I tried the hardest one with Mrs Casablanca, but it was too hard. Mrs Casblanca said she would help me make the easiest one. Then we got into our pyjamas and brushed our teeth. (If you don’t know what we were doing we are getting ready for bed.) Soon we went to bed at say 10:00pm. Now that is late isn’t it! So off we go to bed. Someone was snoring and another person was making silly noises. It took me a long time to get to sleep. It was about 10:30 before we went to bed.

At 6:00am I woke up. Will was already up with his shoes on!!! I went to get dressed so I did. Then everyone else woke up. Mr Robinson was also awake and Mr Lihou was just waking up. At 7:00am we were allowed up. Me and Will were dressed so we went out to the “Stage Room.” We played jump off the stage while we were waiting for everyone else.

As you can see camp was fun!!

Wantok Centre
Painted Up!
Homesick?  Not me!
Our dorms

Sporting Prowess

As most of you would no, I'm not a particularly great sportsperson. This year has heralded a really big effort in sports for me though. I've tried my hand at Kanga Cricket (loved it!), Rugby (loved it this year, not keen to play again next year when tackling's allowed) and am signing up for Athletics next term.

It seems that I may have found my best distance for running - I did fabulously at the school sports day in the 200m race, coming 3rd (which is a massive achievement for me and you could see my smile beaming for miles, I'm sure)!

Kanga Cricket
Rugby boy!

Other Bits and Bobs

There actually hasn't been a lot happening, which is partly by the websites have fallen a bit behind. We have a general schedule during the week - swimming on afternoon, chess another. Sometimes I've got a training session for sport and sometimes a big school project, but mostly it's just the everyday business of being a kid that keeps me busy.

I have spent a fair bit of time this term working on my Science Project. We had to choose something that tied in with the Olympics and, inspired by my little gymnast brother, I chose to investigate which substance provided the best grip for gymnasts using the trapeze.

Sam & I spent multiple weekends trialling different ideas: oil, water, powder, rolled oats (!!!!), dirt. I had to collate all of my findings into a report and write it up in standard scientific style (enter Dada as my key assistant). Then I had to find a way to present them all (enter Mama as my key assistant).

I was really chuffed to receive an honourable mention in the Science Fair and thoroughly enjoyed looking at everybody else's entries. One of my friends won the award for Year 4 and I was really proud of him because, as I told Mama, he worked really hard and his poster was awesome!

Our last week at school was huge - the science fair was decided, we had Grandparents' Day and I was lucky enough to have Granda, Granny & Nanna come along.

The Science Project!
Nanna & Granny

The last week has been a bit of a break from all the constantess of school as we've entered into our winter holidays. We spent a few days at Nanna's at the beginning because Mama was working and Dada had taken himself off to London for a week. Nanna took us to Bunnings where we made some awesome photo frames which are now adorning our walls. We returned home and stayed inside with Mama for a few days while it pelted down with rain outside.

Ping Pong Pals
Chatting to Dada
Tower Building
Finished Product
One of my jobs each day is to feed our chickens, so I had to don my giant white poncho each day and brave the freezing cold to make sure my feathered friends had enough food and water.

Thankfully the sun is shining again which means our fort is getting a massive work out, giving us a break from playing ping pong in the garage and bowling on the Wii.

We head off to Granny's for a few days this week, which is bound to be fabulous, though I highly doubt we'll be swimming in the ocean!!!

My favourite little friend
Chicken Ghost