My Family

My Family

For nine years before I was born, Mama and Dada swanned around the world together making plans and planning their future. They travelled, they spent all their money, they saved money again and in general just had a great old time being free and easy.

In 2004 when I was born that all changed! The responsibility of parenting weighs heavily on them both and their aim is for our family to always be as simple, happy and loving as possible.

For three years, three months and three weeks, I had them all to myself. Eventually though, a boy's got to share and so on Friday, 11th May 2007, my baby brother, Sam was welcomed into our family.

So What's With My Name?

I was named Jackson Oliver Thomas for a variety of reasons.

Mama and Dada both have one syllable first names which can't be shortened, so they wanted Sam & I to have first names that could be shortened. The first name also had to be a very strong, simple masculine name - both in its short and long version. I was not named after Michael Jackson or Jackson Pollack as some people suggested - my parents both just really liked the name Jack and Jackson.

My middle names were chosen because Mama and Dada liked the names and also because they held family significance. Oliver was one of the middle names of my Poppy, Noel Oliver Clarence Lollback. Thomas was selected because it was the name of my Great Granda, Thomas Keville.