Movie of the Month

I'm cute. There really is no denying it.

However, I don't know that even I am cute enough to warrant the enormous amount of photos, picture messages and videos that my parents take of me. They take quite a few.

And now, to make sure you don't miss out, they bring you a Movie of the Month, sharing some of their favourite moments with you. Check back from time to time to see the latest instalment in my already blossoming movie career.

November 2010

The Moofies Have Moved!!!

For some time we've had some issues loading movies onto the website which are both a suitable size to download and also a suitable quality to view. We've decided to bite the bullet and overcome this by instead loading our movies up to You Tube. So now you can enjoy both Sam & my movies whenever you would like, all at the one spot....

Click here to go to The Super Long Family's YouTube Channel. Enjoy!!!