Montville - Oct 06

A nice relaxing week with my Dad!
An Action Packed Week!

The last week Mama, Dada & I took a very relaxing (and well deserved) break up at the Sunshine Coast. We stayed at Treetops and had the best holiday house - it had a fireplace, a huge deck and plenty of places to run and play. There was heaps to do and I had an absolute ball.

We went through Kondalilla National Park and spent some time getting to know the bush turkeys and playing ball. We also ventured off to Australia Zoo for a day, which was the highlight for me. I was on my best behaviour at restaurants every night while we were away and the waiters all fell in love with me!

On Holidays!

Lounging around with DadI LOVED the spa bath!It was almost as good as swimming!Playing happily at the holiday house

Australia Zoo!

Arriving and full of beans!An AlligatorSkippy, Mum & II was a big fan of the kangaroosI loved the koala so much that when I chose a toy to remind me of my visit I chose a gorgeous koala (aptly named "Koala")Dad, I & a Steve Irwin cutoutThe biggest tortoises!I loved feeding the baby animalsThe goatsThe sheepThe elephants were a huge hit!Waiting in line with Dad to feed the elephantsFeeding the elephants was great funFinished for the day - I was exhausted!