Toilet Training

At some point, everyone needs to stop wearing a nappy. That point is approaching for me, because I keep telling everyone when I need to poo and pee. So, this morning, after announcing my ablution needs, I did my first ever poo in the loo!


I had my first ever swimming lesson on Wednesday, 16th November 2005. It was a bit scary and veeeeeery cold! As in, cold enough to send my friend, Ari, blue in the face!!!

We have a lovely teacher, Jess. She brought some great toys for us to play with and by the end of the 15 minutes I was a bit more into the whole pool idea than I was at the beginning. I'd stopped crying by then anyway, so hopefully next week it might not be so scary...

Ready to go at home...I've seen that water now - it looks cold!The swimmers, ready to take the plunge...And in the pool, at last!

Language Skills

I have been yabbering on to anyone who will listen for quite some time now, but in the last couple of weeks since I turned 18 months old, my language skills and vocabulary have really picked up. I now say a very long list of words, can put concepts together ("more apple") and have officially said my first sentence. I can also name all the fruit on the fruit platter now - including properly pronouncing "banana" instead of just "nana'.


Over the weekend, 4th & 5th June 2005 I advanced from taking just a few steps by myself, to now pretty much walking about on my own. I still can't stand up without the aid of some furniture, a wall, or a leg, to pull myself up on but that will come shortly no doubt. And in the meantime, boy oh boy I'm chuffed with myself. I'm also quite happy about the amount of padding a nappy supplies!!!

My First Steps

I took my first steps, without aid of furniture or someone's hands, on Thursday, 12th May 2005. In the few days following I got a bit braver and managed four whole steps before landing on my bum. Mum and Dad seem to think that I actually haven't realised that I'm doing it - it just sort of happens and then I lose my balance. It's only a matter of time though....


I started shuffling my way around furniture with my first length of the couch happening on Friday, 18th March 2005. I am getting pretty good at racing from one end to the other and look around intensely at the gap between the two couches, thinking that maybe I could try to get there by myself.... Stay tuned!

Pulling to Standing

I pulled myself up to standing on 28th January 2005 - quite an achievement!!! One minute I was kneeling in front of the couch trying to reach my book, the next minute I was standing up reading it!!!


The Commando Crawling has really started to turn into crawling. Since 19th January 2005 I've been increasing the time I spend crawling on all fours at an extremely rapid rate and now probably crawl at least half the time. I seem to be able to turn corners a lot quicker when creeping though, so it is still occassionally my prefered mode of transport.

Commando Crawling

A huge leap in the milestones occured on Friday, January 7 2005 when I first crept by myself. I started creeping backwards on the 17th December 2004, and made steady progress from then on. Commando crawling is sort of a creeping-pull-yourself-along-with-your-arms-and-push-with-your-knees kind of movement. It's pretty hard work, but if you put the right toy in front of me - I'm off! I haven't yet figured out that if Mum is in the kitchen I can go over to her, but that's sure to happen very soon!
Demolishing the cup tower!

Fine Motor Control

Possibly because it has taken a while for me to get on the move, I have always had fairly well developed fine motor control skills (which means - I can pick up small stuff). Since the begining of his holiays in late December 2004, Dad has been teaching me to put them to use by demolishing his stacking cup towers - now, as fast as he can build them I knock them over and then stack all the cups up into each other. It might sound easy, but it takes a while to figure out which cup fits in where!

First Words

I first said "DaDa" quite some time ago on the 9th September 2004, followed by "MaMa" on the 24th October. However, they weren't really words - more just sounds that I could make and I wasn't really associating them with Mum and Dad, as such. Now I'm starting to get into a lot of word association and know exactly who or what's being talked about when I hear the words tree, bath, teddy, lightswitch, clock, duck, woof and fan. After experiments conducted on 9th January 2005 Mum and Dad have also been able to conclude that not only do I know where teddy is, but I can definitely look at a teddy and pronounce it's name - "Tedda".

Dis, Dat & Pointing

In the week prior to Christmas 2004, I really started getting the hang of the pointing thing. I constantly point at objects and ask what they are - "dat, dat" or "dis, dis". I particularly love doing it with the animal stick ups on my nursery walls - mainly because Mum and Dad not only say the name of the animal but also make an exciting farmyard noise too!


All the details of my toofies!
My left incisor cut through on 1st September 2004 - what a glorious way to start Spring!!! Since then, the hits have just kept on coming until 3rd January 2007 when my last "baby" tooth came through.

  • Bottom right central incisor - 1st September 2004
  • Bottom left central incisor - 5th September 2004
  • Top right central incisor - 30th October 2004
  • Top left lateral incisor - 31st October 2004
  • Top left central incisor - 19th November 2004
  • Top right lateral incisor - 24th November 2004
  • Bottom right lateral incisor - 15th December 2004
  • Bottom left lateral incisor - 20th December 2004
  • Bottom right cuspid - 31st March 2005
  • Top left first molar - 22nd April 2005
  • Bottom left cuspid - 24th April 2005
  • Bottom left first molar - 30th April 2005
  • Top left cuspid - 5th May 2005
  • Top right cuspid - 6th May 2005
  • Top right first molar - 6th May 2005
  • Bottom right first molar - 6th May 2005
  • Bottom right second molar - 13th September 2006
  • Bottom left second molar - 19th September 2006
  • Top left second molar - 16th October 2006
  • Top right second molar - 3rd January 2007

Waving Bye Bye and Hello

I first waved Bye Bye on 14th December 2004, to my favourite Fat Lady Sarah. Since then I've learnt to wave at particular times: when Dad picks up his keys, when Mum grabs our bags to pack the car and pretty much whenever I think anyone has overstayed their welcome!

Anything Dad can do...

Sitting Up

I started sitting up unassisted on 8th July 2004. I'm still a little unsteady and sometimes end up in a weird yoga-like position but we all have to start somewhere...

Here comes the birdie!

I had my first taste of rice cereal on Thursday, 24th June 2004. I took to solids like a duck to water and am now enjoying quite a variety of mush, my favourite of which is definitely pumpkin followed by apple. Once I turn six months old Mum is going to give me some meat - mmmmm, chicken...


Rolling over was an eventful moment for my Mum and Dad. They had been watching me try for days - I wasn't quite getting there because I refused to remove my hand from my mouth meaning that I had to roll over my elbow as well which was, to say the least, quite awkward looking! I perfected the move though on 28th June 2004, elbow and all!

Talking & Laughing

Given that my Mum has the gift of the gab and could talk under cement, it was only a matter of time before I developed this skill too. I first laughed on 29th February 2004 - those handles on the car capsule are pretty funny! During March my gurgling took off and soon I was oohing and aahing. However, it was in June that my voice really started to get a work out after I learnt I could also squeal!

Get groovy!

I first grasped my rattle on 17th April 2004 and, I must say, looked pretty groovy doing it too! Of course, I'm now so much more advanced - taking things with both hands, swapping things from hand to hand, bashing them, slobbering all over them...

Starting off unsteady about this smiling thing...
But now I've perfected it!

I first smiled on 26th February 2004 while playing under my animal gym. At first my Mum thought it was just another one of those windy smiles, but then it happened again! It was very exciting. Mum had to ring Dad but got his message service - the woman taking the message was almost as excited as Mum was!