Melbourne - Aug 04

What are these two so excited about - it's just an airport!
The Travelling Gene...

It appears that I have inherited my Mum & Dad's love of travelling. I made my first journey interstate on Wednesday, 25th August 2004 to visit Dad who was working in Melbourne for the week.

Mum, Nanna and I left early Wednesday morning, with Uncle Jason & Auntie Kathy taking us to the airport at 8am. Once we arrived, my little eyes just did not stop - I was taking everything and everyone in. I particularly liked the neon lights at oversized baggage when we checked in my pram and also the baggage labels - talk about fun!!!

Look at the size of this label!
On both plane trips I was an absolute gem - I slept for the majority of the flight and for the remainder of the time I charmed the socks off the nice people from Qantas and the other passengers. There were no problems with my ears afterwards, which has reassured Mum and Dad that future family holidays can (and will!) happen.

This time however it was a very short trip - barely 24 hours in fact. The lovely people at Eden on the Park took great care of me, making sure I had a high chair, baby car seat etc. Plus, they also ensured we had the essentials of a torch and some hot water to heat formula in - a blackout at 6am is not good for organising a baby (though good for Dad's fitness as he climbed 5 flights of stairs)!

Kylie & Lachlan
Whilst in Melbourne I took my very first look at Impressionist art at the NGV's Winter Masterpieces exhibition, had a wander around Melbourne and enjoyed a morning stroll through the Queen Victoria Markets which Mum & Nanna liked best of all. I also had the chance to catch up with Kylie McCurry. Kylie is of Fat Ladies fame and it was great to see her again and meet her baby boy, Lachlan.

So after my whirlwind visit I took a while to settle down at home - the excitement was just too much. I nodded off by 8pm though and Mum sat down to start processing the photos (of course!). Enjoy!!!

Playing with Betty Bee once we arrive at the hotelMy first performance at the Sidney Myer Music BowlDoesn't everyone get fed their dinner in the nuddy?My first time alone in the Big Bath!Playing with DadSurely 5 flights of stairs isn't THAT tiring?Highchair is a bit big for me, but there's food - so everything's okayThat person's been to the buffet 6 times!Mum gives up on the highchair and feeds me my toast on her lapOur first restaurant meal as a familyLooking cutebut then I heard the juice had run out..Playing with the pram label in Melbourne airportHome at last and at least Kath thinks to give me some dinner!