In Brief - March 2006

News & Events in brief

  • 23rd March 2006 - Check it out, I'm a movie star! (A big Thank You as per usual to Weird-Uncle-Joelie for making my screen debut possible.)

  • 23rd March 2006 - Following on from my concert goings last week, today I jaunted off to see PlaySchool which was fantastic. After that we went to the shops to purchase some new shoes, as I've been complaining of late that my current shoes hurt me. Turns out, I have a SIZE 10 FOOT!!!!!, which could be why we need new shoes... Size 10!!!!!

  • 16th March 2006 - Barney rocks!!! See all the pictures in the News section and hear about my fantastic concert goings!

  • 6th March 2006 - Today I floored everyone with the longest sentence I've ever spoken in my life. There's really no explaining to do about it, it speaks for itself! "May I have my milk and dinner in my Bob Bob bowl please Mama and Dada."

  • 3rd March 2006 - A huge Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girly friend, Olivia who turns the big 2 today!