Kindy 2008

Dress ups still aren't a winner!
A Year At Montessori

As the sun sets on my last kindy day, we've uploaded a selection of photos from my days this year to give you an idea of what I've been doing. I've clearly had a fabulous time at kindy, learnt an enormous amount and evolved into a lovely little boy.

You'll see from the photos there is a clear theme to who and what I like at kindy: Sophie, Max and Jacob were my constant companions and the world flags was my all-time favourite activity. When it was time to say goodbye this afternoon I became very sad and said to Mama, quite simply, "I just don't want to go from kindy". It must be a tribute to what a lovely time I've had, the beautiful friends I've made and all that I've gained from my gorgeous teachers.

Up Close & Personal
Elf JackAussie JackFarmer JackThomas JackKoala Jack (with Max)

Maths & Puzzles
Baby faced!Tricky workMatilda & IHundredsFraction PuzzleSenses with MaxYellow CylindersPicture PuzzlesTap TapThe rainbow puzzle - at firstBuildingBuildingBuilt!Binomial cube with CarolMignon supervises

Literacy, Drawing & Writing
LettersParallel linesNumbers

My Favourite Wednesday Team
JacobMatilda & Sophie

Other Activities
The ever favourite sandpitPouringMore pouring

The Africa puzzleHmmmm..Showing Max the flagsShowing JacobJacob helpsJacob & I do a puzzleWith SophieOn Sophie's BirthdayDoing the big puzzle with SophieTeaching Sophie the flagsSophie & I show Ethan the flagsSophie gets a cuddle

The Solar System
ReadingSolar System Bingo with SophieReading with Max