In Brief - June 2006

News & Events in brief

  • 27th June 2006 - A quick note for Granny who is on her holidays and will no doubt check my site at some stage while she is away. Last week at swimming I happily went in the tunnel, did two big swims to Mama and about 9 safety slides. When Mum told me a special visitor was coming to play today I said it was Geri-Anne (and was slightly miffed when it turned out to actually be Olivia)!

  • 22nd June 2006 - The camera is still broken and Mum can't figure out how to send the pictures she takes on her phone to her email address! It's an official State of Emergency, here in the Long household. What is that saying about the Cobbler's children never having shoes......

  • 17th June 2006 - Just when I thought it was safe to watch TV again, it seems the Eurovision is an annual thing!

  • 13th June 2006 - Just to let you know, we are experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment which is causing some delay in updating the Picture of the Week. Much to my parents absolute dismay, it seems our camera is broken!!!! You can imagine their panic - how will they continue to digitally record my every move?

  • 7th June 2006 - I think I'm relatively funny for a toddler. Yesterday I made my funniest joke ever (and I'm still not sure why it was so funny). Mum says "Holy Doooly Batman" a lot and I repeated it to Dad, except I said "Holy Dooly Fatman". Neither Mum nor Dad could stop laughing for a good five minutes - I must be funnier than I thought!

  • 5th June 2006 - Adios to Big Tom who leaves today for Thailand. I'll miss my new best friend (thank goodness Auntie Marie has arrived just in time to take his place!).

  • 4th June 2006 - There has been much candle blowing outage this weekend because it was Granda's 60th birthday yesterday! I missed out on the very big party on Saturday night but instead got a re-run today. I'm in talks with my technical people to try and bring to you my birthday wish video - stay tuned!