News - July 2006

28th July 2006

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
I was having more fun that my face betrays... honestly!

I went to the {Bananas in Pyjamas} show today and absolutely had a ball. It was very exciting because Jen was there too (with Jason & Kathy and also Livvy & Sarah. There was lots of singing and dancing and I was practically beside myself with the Bananas came onto the stage.

In stark contrast to when we went to see Play School I was really into the singing and dancing this time - I got down and boogied with the best of them! There was a fantastic introduction to body surfing too when they threw a giant beach ball into the crowd and we played hot potatoe over our heads with it - talk about a mosh pit for toddlers!

My next concert on the agenda is the Wiggles in December - if today was anything to go by, I think I'm well and truly ready for the experience!

I dance with Mum first...then with Liv..and then I'm a solo groovster!

22nd July 2006

Happy Birthday Poppy!

Poppy would LOVE this mower!

Today would have been Poppy's 65th birthday this year. To celebrate we went to the Samford Show, after visiting Poppy's grave to sing Happy Birthday to him.

The Show was great fun - pony rides, dog jumping, a circus, animal nursery and fireworks!!!! I was very sad when the fireworks started because there were a lot of people and the fireworks were very loud. In fact, I cried pretty much the entire time the fireworks were happening. Afterwards though, I told everyone how much I had loved them. Go figure!!!
Happy Birthday to PoppaThey told me to laugh, but I look more like I'm having a tantrum!Jen at Poppy's graveI try desperately to interest the sheep in my food...while Jen compares bottom sizes with a goat.The bubbles were a huge hit...especially in Jen's hair!I fancy myself as a bit of a Cowboy
Toot Toot!

6th July 2006

Today we trecked out to Ipswich to visit The Workshops Rail Museum which was almost more fun than a two year old can possibly imagine! To start with, there was this huge big black train out the front who looked exactly like Donald from Thomas The Tank Engine - that in itself was enough to keep me happier than Larry as we waited outside for the place to open.

There was a huge Circus exhibition so I got to meet Choo Choo the Clown and see a circus show. There was craft activities, puzzles, games and a big jumping castle. We went with Sarah and Olivia and Livvy was pretty chuffed with the jumping castle. I, however, preferred to occupy myself on the floor playing with a toy train set (never mind that I have one of those at home and at Granny's house as well).

Inside the Museum there were lots of big, old trains which you could look through but we didn't get that far - there was too much to do! We could dress up like Clowns (I preferred to don the Chef's outfit though), go through the Room of Mirrors, play Bean Bag Toss, Skittles and Kitchens!!! It was non stop entertainment.

Now if only the camera weren't broken and you could see the look that was on my face the whole day!